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who's theSquare

Hi. theSquare means Daniel. Me. I am not alone in this world, my life is a love journey along my two kids, family and lots of friends. I definitely know how to write a great story with images and emotion since I am doing this every day for the last 15+ years.

Not so long ago, I needed to reinvent myself, as I grew up and wanted a new challenge. And what better form to be born again than the square?

`Maria and Mihai. This is how memories should look like.`

I enjoy doing something unique every time: taking photos of people, writing articles, live talking about photography on facebook, teaching photography, writing books and tickling our kids. I know that you will love your square memories because I create stories that must be read, touched and felt. There are lots of photographers out there. But not so many storytellers like me.

Best way to know me is to read this blog and discover my photos. Each story, long or short, is based on my own deep beliefs that people should remember their dear moments exactly as they were, truth being the only thing that passes the test of time.


I am a wedding and family photographer since 2001. I've seen hundreds of weddings in Romania and all over Europe, each one with different ways of showing and saying love. I framed through the camera thousands of people in more than twelve countries, as a destination wedding photographer (from sunny Italy, Cyprus, Spain to the Red Square in Moscow). You know what? I never gets bored doing this.

daniel chindea - family portrait
Little Mihai kissing his girlfriend while hiding from me under the trees.

Before that, I worked for 11 years as a sociologist for one of the most famous Romanian social research institutes. And before that I got a degree as primary school teacher.

Right now I keep creating images and, in the same time, I am thrilled to be one of the people leading the main community of wedding photographers / videographers in Romania. Since 2009, I have been teaching my vision in wedding photography. A lot of people follow my steps nowadays.