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Do you shoot weddings internationally?

Absolutely! I am based in Romania, Bucharest (for now). And I love to travel and to make new friends all over the world. Among our favorite places i've visited for a wedding shoot are Moscow, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Nicosia, Madrid, Thassos.

Can we meet to talk about my wedding?

I would be delighted to meet you in person for a great cup of coffee or have a Skype chat to discover if there is chemistry and understanding between the photographer and the ones to be photographed. Email is a great starting point to talk about your wedding.

Do you shoot only square images?

I am using professional gear that shoots normal images (rectangular 3:2 ratio). But I have my viewfinder marked with a square. I am also using a square (6x6cm) film camera that is about the same age as me, and an old Nikon film camera 35mm. You will receive images in 3:2 (normal looking) and 1:1 ratios, but my favourite are the square ones, of course. And these are displayed (mostly) on theSquare blog.

Why square? Because it is considered to be perfect. Square eliminates the decision of shooting landscape or portrait, allowing the photographer to concentrate on the reality inside the regular shape. Some of the best cameras in the world (film) shoot square. Square is different and timeless.

Who will be photographing my wedding?

I am the only photographer at theSquare. I could also be accompanied by a second shooter/assistant, depending on your plans and needs.

How do I book you?

Contact me and you will receive details on what to do next.

How long will it take for my images to be delivered?

Finishing touches are a must, as I check and clean each image to our taste of perfection. You will receive your images between 1-3 months after the last photo session with you.

Do I get an album?

My wedding package includes an album - a square one (take a look). Albums are covered in natural green (our logo's color) or white-beige leather, with an image insert on the cover. If you don't prefer natural leather, I can arrange for textile cover or printed canvas. Size is 25x25cm, as I've found out that is the best to be handhold and enjoyed by you. Other sizes are possible, on request.

What about album design?

I design each album according to my experience and story of your wedding. You will get to make 5 to 10 changes inside the album prior to printing, based on all images you receive and an electronic version of your album. Feel free to check out some of my album designs on the blog.

Do you deliver high-resolution images?

Yes, all album images are yours to keep and print for your own needs, at full resolution. Also, you will receive a full set of all 'social-media ready' files, specially resized and optimised for you.

Are travelling / accommodation expenses included?

If your wedding is taking place in Bucharest, then yes. If not, we will discuss arrangements and you will take care of travelling and accommodation.

Talk to me

It's so easy to get in touch with me: direct message on our website, email or Skype. Or call me if you prefer. In the meantime, please read about how I would design my wedding (seriously).