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Think like a wedding photographer

and design your wedding like a pro

You are getting married. And you want your wedding day to be perfect. I know you do, everybody feels the same way.

The recipe for perfection is so simple that you might not even considered it. I don't want you to think that I know the truth. Be sure of it, I saw more than four hundred weddings all over Europe so far.

All weddings have two main purposes (at least they should have):

  • two people getting married
  • everybody having fun

Almost every time, the bride and the groom (and everybody else) are struggling to fulfil the first goal (getting married), throwing in a huge number of details: invitations, hours, who, when, decorations, flowers (thousands), dresses, shoes, music, photographers, videographers... And the list could fill in a book.

By the time you get to write down your details' list, you are forgetting about the second (and maybe most important) goal: having fun.

bride having fun

fun at your wedding

Everybody will come to your wedding because (not in a negative way) you're getting married. And it's you that should be the most excited guest at your wedding. You should make the most out of it.

Instead, most brides spend the whole day trying to get everything perfect. And you know what? There will be less than perfect things at your wedding. Instead of you trying to be the 'best boy', try to be 'zen'. I'm not saying you should not worry about the smallest detail. But please do the worrying until a day before the wedding. On the day itself say: STOP.

You're not going to get your bouquet fixed if it doesn't look like you thought it would be. You're not going to sing if your music isn't as good as they told you it would be. You're not going to solve anything. Instead, you will make your day less brighter and your memories less happier.

Weddings are celebrations, after all. You should be happy. You must be happy. Otherwise, all your efforts are in vain. So please live your wedding day at maximum, because it lasts only a few hours and it's gone.

If you're wondering why I am telling you the above: a wedding photographer shoots reality and makes the most of it. If you're upset, photos will show it. If you're sparkling, photos will show it. So, it's in my best interest that you live your wedding day like a star.

bride seing the groom for the first time

design your fun

* Plan for uncomplicated things, with the least amount of potential to go wrong.
  • Wear a dress that represents you and is confortable (think hot days and dancing a lot).

  • Choose your music with great care. This is the only thing that truly influence your wedding fun.

  • Parents can be a source of stress if they're left thinking they know best.

  • Stay in the middle. People want to actually see the reason they are guests: the bride is the most visible of all.

  • Take your time with photos. 1 hour should make your wedding photo session fun. Less than 1 hour means your getting less diversity in images, photographer has to rush things.

  • Location isn't everything when creating beautiful images. But attitude is. Trust your photographer. You don't want beautiful images of buildings and bridges and parks. You want beautiful images of you and your loved ones.

  • Hire best wedding services you can afford. Try to delegate responsibilities.

  • Invest in what is truly important: make-up, hair styling, dress, photographer, music. Not necessarily in this order. You have to look your best in order to feel great. And you need someone good to document it (us, remember?).

You deserve to have fun at your own wedding!

Daniel **theSquare**