Father Michael - glimpse of a true story

Seems ackward to write this in English but I'll do it since all my site is written in this language. I've known Mihai since childhoold and following a 23 years gap of silence, we've talked again several months ago. But still, our childhoold is fresh in my memory, him tagging along his older brother, playing around our block, laughing in his father's apartment and many other great memories.

I've once acquinted Mihai as a young boy, now he's a priest. And a teacher, father, husband, friend. A man of good conversation and boy he knows how to talk in an informal way but still filling the gaps with words of wisdom and support.

Today he came in need for some pictures to illustrate a soon to be printed article related to education. And I've said yes as I say yes to every opportunity to talk about people using my photography. Should I mention he came to my studio with a bottle of wine and a kilo of coffee in his hands? Oh man...

I've met quite a few people in my life. Some with whom I've felt a special connection. With others... we just passed along each other! Mihai is the special kind. Always a treat to hear him talking, warm and frank in his appearance and attitude, devoted to good education and goodness. You should meet him, trust me on this one!

Session started as I always prefer to. Talking and trying to steer attention to anything else but photos. And reactions follow quickly :)


Sometimes I'm well aware that my 'subjects' will not like a particular image. But I pursue my way of seeing them regardless of their opinion. Honest? I think yes. Confortable? Not necessarily! But results are often surprising!






We moved outside studio for several shots in the city! Nothing easy to recognize, just background for some more shots describing my dear Mihai.



Quick selfie of our silhuettes!



Images can suggest a lot more than words can describe. I'm deeply connected to these two (above and bellow).






Mihai, it's great to have you in my life!

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