Two weddings - one couple

There are times when fellow photographers trust me with their memories. I try to clear things up: I may not pursue glamour, technical perfection, shiny images. And some shy away, some stay and let me do my things.

Andrei and Cristina got married in Timișoara. Because Andrei was born in Piatra Neamț, they threw a second party here, in my home town. I got to be present in both occasions, even if I only second-shot in Piatra. But hey, it's even easier when I'm not the main photographer :)
Andrei, as a true wedding photographer, had an eye on me for the whole time. Where I stayed, what I was doing, how I shot etc. Not an easy task for a groom, but inevitable. It was a bit funny for me to see his attention all the time. But he knows how to dance, drink and hug his friends. Thank you, my man!

Cristina, on the other hand, enjoyed her weddings without hesitation. Mature, calm and warm, she was a delight to watch. I love informal couples, they are easy to work with and images come up with that flavour of natural, relaxed, unposed. Truly my way of seeing the world of a wedding.

Here are the images. Feel free to comment bellow!

Boys are boys!

Cristina getting that make-up done. Me? Playing soccer with the young fellow there :)

This wine has a meaning, a history, lots of memories. And it was delicious too, although I hardly drink wine in the morning :)

An entire wall of memories! Andrei took the time to tell me all stories on that wall!

Mama is making the final touches! What a memory!

This young girl is Andrei's neece. She's all love and attention!

I told you Andrei was watching me the whole time, didn't I?

Cristina is waiting for her groom!

Look ma', I'm almost ready!

Daddy checking the veil if it's transparent enough :)

And he arrives! Emotions? Definitely!

I never understood why one must hide his emotions, particularly during weddings. But these two didn't hide anything!

People waiting for the couple to leave for the photo session! The little dog is waiting to grab something from the table!

And the session beggins, in the middle of Timișoara. A beautiful sunny day!

We found this beautiful old building in a huge square. I asked if we can get to the first floor terrace. They said no. I said: hell yes! I have a great view from up there!

Some fooling around is allowed :)

Andrei playing dandy in his own movie! But he's looking good doing that.

Wall of fame? Or man's evolution in life :)

Civil ceremony. And straight to the party!

Maybe the champagne was too good to be true!

Small talk with father-in-law! Both feeling confortable!

A fun game: they have to answer questions about who's doing what in their life. Who's throwing the garbage, who's spending most time on Facebook, who's washing the dishes etc. They proved they know each other pretty well.

The wedding cake was both a delight and a dissapointment. Andrei wasn't too happy with the way photos are mounted on the cake. But hey, it was delicious after all!

Girl! I married you!

Let's kill the cake!

These are images from second party in Piatra Neamț! I grabbed some quick shots behind the main photographer!

I hope they will enjoy these images as much as I do! I just sent them all photos but they didn't have the chance to seem them as the archive is huge. Maybe they will leave a comment here, who knows! :)