Two sessions - two meetings with my fellow photographers in Suceava and Iasi

Being invited to speak to my colleagues about the things I love is always a treat. This spring was filled with unexpected. Some good, some wonderful, a lot to learn and to accept. I wrote a book, got divorced, moved 350km away from Bucharest in my little home town Piatra Neamț, found a wonderful soul that loves me and got madly in love. Wrote some not-so-good but honest poetry, lost 20kg, got some more grey hair (beard at least). Started a small studio, renovated two rooms and a terrace, climbed mountains, rode my bike for hundreds of km, read books, loved my kids constantly, got wiser. Read my facebook profile page for updates :)

Enough about me. I want to tell you the stories of Suceava and Iasi meetings. Lots of good photographers there, I am thrilled by their trust in my photography and teaching skills. I hope I touched some souls there and lifted their trust in good an honest photography. I believe in real memories, not fakes created for social media. Real memories need real people feeling good about themselves. Often, this is the major obstacle we should try to overcome. Photography is easy. People are hard to read and to get relaxed.

Keep in mind that, even if taken in workshop conditions (lots of camera pointed at them) people can be fouled into feeling good and forget about cameras. Almost every image is about them, not us - photographers. Simple imagery, using composition, light, contrast and expressions to talk about people in front of camera. Some mistakes here and there but who cares about technical issues when people are so beautiful.


First Suceava. Mihaela Oprișan, a dear friend, wanted me there and organised the whole thing. I just showed up and started to talk. And man, I talk a lot. 8-9 hours in a row, no pauses. She wrote an article about our meeting. Also, million thanks for the lovely couple that played along: Lory and Gabi!

Photographers show up when you least expect :)

It pays-off to follow moments to their peak, people express themselves in amazing ways, you just have to wait enough!

Beautiful and sensual in a small entrance in a shop. Nothing fancy. Just real memories!

Photographers waiting for me to check out a place. But I wanted them there to have my own memories :)

It's time for lunch on a lovely terrace in Suceava. I kept talking, of course :)

To prove that you don't need fancy to talk about people, I chose a corner right outside the terrace and kept shooting! here are 19 images created in an area of no more than 5 square meters.

Saw this beautiful light and chair in a school yard. I could not resist the temptation!

Next two images were created to show some expression variations on a plain background. There are tons, I will show you only two!

And some greenery for a change! I don't enjoy shooting in parks but hey! People want it!

And finally the pub where we served some cold beer, looked at images and discussed marketing, selling, social media and all sorts of things a photographer need! Lots of good friends there, isn't it Catalin?

And the group shot! We couldn't leave without one :)


In Iași, the next day after Suceava, Mihaela and Ilona organized everything. Like in Suceava, I arrived and started to talk. Hmmmm, next time I need to be more helpful than this! Anyway, things were smooth, the couple was lovely (thank you Cristina and Oleg), attendees were all ears. Morning coffee was amazing, by the way! Thank you Fika!

Here are the images and the story!

By the way, ȘOTĂRIE is reffering to a place to drink a shot. Also, in Romanian language, can be decrypted as 'și-o tărie' which is 'and a strong drink'. Funny, at least for Romanians :)

Photographers tagging along and helping to explain light:)

Here I used one of the 'students' to prove how one can get close-close to the subjects in order to put pressure. After this, everything will be easier to bear for them.

Time for quick pause! Drinks, refreshments! Yeah baby, beer!

Looking at your own feet can reveal interesting texture and diagonals!

Between shots!

Same game with a simple location and multiple shots, all personal and real!

And time for leaving Iași came! Lots of memories, lots of new friends, experiences, laughs and hugs!

Two days of speaking about what I love to do: creating memories with people and for the people. Leaving something real behind. Giving back valuable 'things'. Honesty. It's such a joy to try to show people that fake images that sell are not worthy.