48. A charming photo session

Mid August and hot!

I have my own doze of craziness, like everybody else. I am writing a book. And I need some images to accompany the text. Of course, the book is about wedding photography.

As I am still distilling the text, I thought why not showing some of the images created with Tatiana and Razvan. Vlad, Gabriel and Alex helped along. I still don't know if they came for the beer, the fun or the sun :) But they shot some making of images that you can see in the following video.

Thank you for watching. It doesn't heart to share this post. 48 will be printed soon, just in time for our next big project, shootLess.

`theSquare: Daniel Chindea. Photo session with Tatiana and Răzvan. Gabriel, Vlad and Alex went along to help and have fun!`

couple laughing minimal background
boy laughing looking sexy
strange posing wondering about her
couple hugging coloured background
couple smiling with a big wall painting behind
couple in silhuette, beautiful light
boy half face in shade, movie title behind
beautiful girl smiling
girl smiling, huge reflection on the left
train station couple on the blue skye
steps in shadow
beautiful girl laughing, striking pose, window logo
couple standing and laughing
couple in silhuette, unusual point of view
couple laughing, geometry behind
simple and sexy pose for a girl
couple hugging on a wall
couple in a movie like pose
couple and a huge wall

she is running towards him
he hugs his girlfriend
sun rays hitting her face
masculine portrait, looking bad ass
couple laughing and urban furniture
simple couple posing together
girl looking puzzled with a minimal background
girl dancing in front of a garage door
girl posing with a homeless guy in background
girl and boy, beautiful legs and attitude
couple in the park, beautiful light on their faces
couple seen through greenery, beautiful light and expressions