we were a little bit jealous on Mădălina and Răzvan

They are brilliant. Truly amazing couple. And their friends? Awesome too. Chic, dressed like champs, feeling good and expressing that all the time. No inhibitions, no restraints.

But first things first. Their civil ceremony. I was waiting for them to arrive and keeping our fingers crossed because on site there was already a family grouping. How to put it mildly: I hoped it wasn't 'my party'. And it wasn't.

Also, I have to confess it was the first wedding where I've used exclusively the small, cute and powerful Olympus Pen F. Not a toy for professionals some would say. But a camera that allowed me to be accepted as party people not photographers. Nobody turned around camera shy. Because no big lens hung from the neck. What a treat, I am free at last.

hugs and tears of joy
happy after the civil ceremony
she laughs all the time, beautiful smile
are selfies a good idea?
bride hugging a baby
As you can see, happiness is all around. We had to take some pictures before the ceremony. Engagement session sounds a little bit communist in Romanian, we prefer to call this a walk in the city with friends.
engagement session in the city, just walking and talking
spontaneous laughs when the session is not posed
stories during a coffee break
phone is ringing during the session
some more laughs during the engagement session
involuntary fashion shoot
we found a nice wall poster during the engagement session
some workers in scary costumes
we had to have some water flowing
I arrived late at night to their parents' place a day before the wedding. Campulung is a beautiful city in the mountains. They were having a small party in the garden. Lots of țuica (think home-made really good alcohol), grill steak, wine and friends.
split second hug
hanging out with family and friends
Morning was like vaccation time. Coffee, breakfast, more laughs. Oh man, Madalina was a joy, she was laughing almost all the time. Her presence was plain good energy for everyone else.
this small dog was jumping all around, begging for attention
coffee with her best friend and god-mother
god-father and Razvan, planning the day
some quality time before make-up and hair styling
along with mom, sharing a good talk
beautiful weather in September just outside the small hotel
onions with bacon and țuica
sandwiches at breakfast, cheese from the farm
last minute planning and preparations
bride playing with the veil
more selfies during the hair styling
does the hair look good?
emotions of the big day start to kick in
does the hair look fine?
Razvan is not concerned at all
Razvan was bringing the wedding dress to the villa Madalina was preparing in for the day. Lots of tattoes and good time.
groom carrying the wedding dress
guys, suits, shoes and tattoes
god father looking good in silhuette
More selfies along the way.
more selfies with bride and god mother
It's time for Razvan to get ready with friends and family.
groom getting ready upstairs in his parents' house
friends helping groom to get ready before the ceremony
nice color match between pants and old door
groom's friends having fun
groom getting hair done
girls chatting while getting ready
time for a quick gesture for the image
bride getting dressed by god mother and bridesmaids
bride getting dressed by bridesmaids, your wedding photographer
another selfie time together
bridesmaids, ear rings, bride and smiles all around
bride putting on the ear rings
bride in the mirror putting on the lipstick
bride and friends making final make-up touches
gentle hug between bride and god mother
Finally Madalina and Razvan get to meet as bride and groom. Emotions flowing around.
bride being nervous and emotional before groom arrives
everybody awaits for the groom to arrive
groom sees the bride for the first time
bride cries and laughs seeing the groom
bride and groom leaving together for the ceremony
bride getting in the car, leaving for the ceremony
Ceremony was in the small village next to Campulung, where Razvan grew-up. Small church, Razvan's father was waiting. Along was this cute boy from the family. You will see him often in the next images.
father of the groom waiting in front of the church
small kid serious and dressed up for the ceremony
small kid a little bored by the ceremony
people waiting in front of the church for the wedding ceremony to begin
cute flower girls during the ceremony
Finally the ceremony begun. Smiles, tears, hugs, family, friends. All this wonderful energy flowing. How can a photographer not create beautiful memories during these moments? How can a wedding photographer think about posing and artificial imagery when people offer the most beautiful scene to be photographed?
christian wedding ceremony starts, serious people in the front row
flower girls posing for the camera
wedding rings on the finger, priest and god-father helping the groom during the ceremony
bride's ring on the finger
bride and god-mother putting on the wedding ring
bride showing the wedding ring to the groom
small kids playing during the wedding ceremony
kids making faces during the wedding ceremony
kids having a good time during the wedding ceremony
small kid being hugged by his sister during the wedding ceremony
larger view of the wedding ceremony
kids running around during the wedding ceremony
tired hair dresser sleeping during the wedding ceremony
How can you not love these wonderful cheerful people? Although respectful, their joy was always showing on their faces.
bride kissing her god-mother hand during the wedding ceremony
laughs during the wedding ceremony, priest telling funny stories
Outside the church, after the wedding ceremony, just before the party.
kids waiting outside the church for the bride and groom to come
groom holding god-father's hand outside the church
funny faces outside the church
Sun was setting, people were arriving at the party. Location was beautiful, a place just outside the Campulung city. 'Evenimentul Visat' (Dreamed-of Event) was a wonderful choice, providing not only the right staff for the job, but a beautiful garden where we had the chance to grab some pictures with the couple, family and friends.
bride hugging her best girlfriends
bride making faces during a selfie
Madalina and Razvan weren't keen about a photo session. Exactly our view also. It was enough to follow them greeting friends and family and having some quiet time together and we had enough photos to be called a night :)
bride and groom greeting friends and family
quiet time with bride and groom before the party
bride and groom next to each other, sun setting, beautiful light
bride's wonderful bouquet, groom hugging her nicely
bride and groom taking a few steps on the grass
bride arranging her veil
bride with the friend talking
Girls fooling around with the camera :)
god-mother having fun during the photo session
bride making kiss-face to the camera
friends kissing in the sun setting light
bride marvellous bouquet
Madalina laughing in the beautiful sun light
bride laughing
bride laughing with friends and god-father
Family pictures are always important!
bride and her mother hugging
bride, groom and his family for a picture
groom's parents
little girl kissing the bride
groom and best men together
groom and best men together having fun
Bride's shoes can be seen without setting up some clever product shot.
bride's shoes
bride and her god-mother

People were coming to the party, first dance soon.
guests coming to the party
family greeting the guests to the wedding
Some really nice arrangements for the party were chosen. The whole location was designed to look elegant but not so formal.
table arrangements for the wedding
flowers on the table
large flower arrangement on the tables
beautiful flowers on the wedding tables
wedding flowers
wedding bouquet
wedding table arrangements
girls playing before the first dance
And party started. Madalina and Razvan danced like every couple should dance: elegantly, unposed, laughing, feeling good about themselves.
first dance bride and groom
first dance wedding couple
first dance wedding couple hair light
first dance bride and groom, with band behind
kids dancing during the wedding party
bride dancing among friends
bride and friends making funny faces in front of the photo booth

Playing with lights and movement pays-off sometimes.
light, dance and movement
bride dancing like crazy
dance and light on the dance floor
groom's chair and god-father

bride singing with her girlfriends
Wedding cake arrived but party is far from finish.
wedding cake, couple and applauses
cutting the wedding cake

laughing on the dance floor
crazy dancing during the wedding party
bride throwing the bouquet
bridesmaids catching the bouquet
bride hugging one of her friends
bride laughing on the dance floor
table reflection of the wedding party

Guests left, it was almost morning, but Madalina, Razvan and a handful of friends continued to dance and party. These are the moments when a wedding photographer should continue to hunt for moments. Because opportunities will always appear.
party almost finished
girl upside-down and flowers
waiters waiting for the party to finish
flowers after the reception
flowers, table, party finished
We stayed the next day for the after-party. The couple went to church again in good old orthodox tradition.

wedding flowers and sport shoes
orthodox church full of old women

Some old guys from the village having some home-made cookies after the religious Sunday ceremony.
old villagers having some home made cookies after orthodox ceremony

grou shot with kids and the couple
Some kitties were wondering around during lunch.

lunch with family and friends and a small girl
If you reached so far, tell us something: is this a story or what? We feel proud that Madalina and Razvan invited us to create their wedding memories. And we feel that is one of the best stories we created so far. Stay tuned for the next wedding blog post on theSquare.