Spring is coming with Ștefan and Denisa


You know those sunny days that make you smile and dance like Astaire? Today was one of those days.

To be precise, the last three days were like this. I attended a wonderful photography workshop, learned a lot of new and amazing things, met new people, hugged old friends, told a million stories. Shortly put: happy days.

Back to this morning. I've talked to Ștefan and Denisa about this session and I was decided to accomplish two things: graphics and life în photography. I got a whole lot more: beautiful light, gorgeous shadows, amazing laughs and roasted sheep pastrami.

Let's see the images. And don't forget to comment. I need your thoughts so that I can improve my way of seeing the world.

man standing column yellow
motion and graphics couple portrait
light and shadow couple portrait
alone and walking towards the light
thinking about the future
laughing woman wall simple minimalist
couple hugs shadows light colour
gesture emotion couple portrait
male model attitude
couple silhuette stairs shadows light
yellow dot beautiful woman portrait minimalist
reflection male portrait
couple portrait water reflection
single woman potrait light and shadow stairs

So? What do you think?