Laughs! All over the place!

Meet Alexandra and Vali. You've met them before but this time you get to enjoy their wedding day. Gorgeous people. Alexandra has a way of looking into your eyes that conquest your heart instantly. Vali is the rare kind of man that doesn't shy of crying and laughing. They both know how to live and we are truly lucky to meet them and create memories with them.

Two images from their engagement session. Natural images playing along with their joy for life.

Getting ready is the moment for natural, unposed, candid shots. Although their entire wedding was candid.

centrul vechi bucurești engagement session
happy couple engagement session thesquare
getting ready looking in the mirror bride thesquare
guys getting ready wedding photography thesquare

We can be in the picture, right?

Mother and daughter!

bride hugging her mother wedding photography

Best friend!

Daddy is daddy! At any age!

We didn't have the time for an elaborate photo session. But we did not need one. Memories don't have to be complicated. A hug and a smile are all that's needed.

The look of her sister is precious!

The ceremony was filled with emotions. Real emotions. Gorgeous people!

Party started! Laughs all over! Elegance and joy!

wedding first dance bride groom photo

dancing wedding party photo
wedding cake party photography thesquare

Throwing the bouquet is always a dear moment!

Throwing the bouquet wedding photo

We are truly blessed with these people that need us to create memories. We don't know if we're lucky or just appeal to the right souls, but 2016 was filled with special weddings and special relations.