Memories of expressions, emotions and love

Months ago we witnessed their wedding. In a small Moldavian town, Silvia and Codrin amazed us with their spontaneity, honesty and love. They lived the day to the maximum as you can see bellow.

It should be obvious by now that we don't like to 'draw' beautiful pictures for the sake of the beauty. Our main goal is truthfulness. The quality of the memories we create is more important than the quality of the images alone. Look deep inside and ignore the form. That's how we see the world.

Let's start with one of their engagement photos.

Getting ready is a moment for true selves. No 'wedding' faces are put on yet.

Codrin's father was wonderful. More emotional than his mother. Real guys know when to cry and when to have some fun.

Let us tell you: home-made cookies are something to remember in Moldova.

We always have an eye opened for lovely little faces like this one.

Here our friend Jimmy is checking one of his images.

We don't know where this car came from. But it was awesome.

There is customary to offer something in exchange for the bride :)

One of those wonderful and warm moments.

Silvia, the two 'mothers' and one little girl. Plus a portrait on the wall. This is life. This is weddings. This is a true memory.

Yes. Two ceremonies. One orthodox and one catholic. Wonderful.

Wedding session can look 'real'. No fancy-shmansy wanna' be model things. But natural posing, talking and enjoying the day.

Party was intense. Guests were all heart.

Godfather was the most expressive guy we've seen. And a fabulous person also.

They were watching some European football game. Disappointment all over :)

We hope you enjoyed their story story as much as we did.
And we hope you pass along the message: wedding photography is about memories. True ones.