Wedding is about the couple

We have witnessed hundreds of weddings. Every one of them is something else. Couples are different. Families are different. There is a voyeuristic pleasure to watch the whole social scenery in front of your eyes.

The wedding of Claudia and Cristi was no different. Both were students, coming to Bucharest from a small Moldavian city. They were (and still are) in love.

See their wedding through my eyes: friends, joy, unique moments. Tell me what you think.

Getting ready time can expose some intimate moments.

Boys making fun.

Avoiding the crowded room brings attention to expressions.

Either it was hot or this guy was overwhelmed by the ceremony.

It's time to party!

Some Romanian traditional songs!

Cristi was pretty confortable singing at his own wedding!

After-the-wedding shots are an opportunity for an in-depth view of their relation. Everything else (background, location...) is just there to support the main purpose. This time we went to a small Bulgarian island.

This shot is one of my favourites. Both organic and graphic, it's like a compressed 3d view of the world in which Claudia is walking her own path.

Please tell me what you think and share my work for others to view. You'll help improve my way of seeing the world. Thank you!