Photosession as a gift

We can't think of a more beautiful birthday gift than a family photosession. One of our clients gave to her friend (Diana) a phone number on a piece of paper. Our phone number. Diana didn't have any clue until the next morning when she gave us a call.

Her suprise was immense. We discussed things (clothing, location, style) and met in the following Saturday for the session.

Here are some of the results. Emi (the little one) was such a joy to work with: friendly, opened to suggestions and energetic like any 5 years old kid should be.

Sometimes things weren't the way Emi wanted.

You don't need background to express love!

She posed for me while parents fooled around in the background. Gorgeous!

Thinking of icecream. Best icecream in the world!

Still thinking of icecream.

Finally the icecream arrived :)

Thank you guys for a wonderful afternoon. It was a blast to create your memories.

Feel free to tell us your thoughts. If you want to talk about your memories, send us a message.