Autumn day with Roxana, Robert and Marius

I don't know if it's me or chance: I get to meet and photograph only beautiful people. That kind of beauty that isn't necessarily about good looking, expensive clothing or glamourous locations. But about kindness, friendship and honesty.

Roxana and Marius got married today. And they baptized their little one, Robert. A day filled with emotion, joy and love. A day to remember. We started early, it's been 10 hours since I've shot the first image. But it felt like a blink of an eye. When you do what you love, time passes easily.

Getting ready is almost always a time for emotions building up, of fears that things might go wrong: hair, make-up or flowers... I wouldn't miss this for anything. It's usually when people express naturally, unposed.
getting ready thesquare wedding photography
Parents do what they do all the time: worry. I know now that it's hard for a parent to think that kids know what they're doing. Even if the kids have kids of their own.
parents during the wedding thesquare

Father-son moments are treasures. I have some of my own and I love them.

Wedding rings can be tricky to wear sometimes :)

Mothers are wonderful in kitchen and outside it. Serious and determined, but happy to have a grandson and to see her son getting married.

Roxana is preparing Robert to leave for the ceremony. Timeless.

Godparents are fun and energetic but emotions are in the air.

Last moment touch-ups.

This look it's hard to forget.

It is freezing inside the chirch. Even a candle can warm up spirits :)

Ceremony is long, almost two hours. First the wedding and then the baptizing.

Despite Roxana's belief, Robert is a brave boy, considering the temperatures and all the new experiences for a two months little one. He only cried for five minutes.

How can you not love this little face?

I realize this post has almost only black and white wedding photos, but I can't help it. Couples get color too, but I have to post what I love, don't I?

Session was short, cold and with low light. But we managed to squeeze some images that I think represents this wonderful couple.

It was a nice suprise for me to hear the godfather inviting everyone for a prayer before first course.

As usual, wedding party is going on strong right now. I have a nice feeling of being accepted as friend and trusted with, perhaps, the most important thing at a wedding: memories.