Heidi told me a story about Singapore and New Jersey

I met her at Starbucks. In Bucharest. She just moved in from Singapore. Before Singapore, she lived in New Jersey. But first things first: she wrote me an email at the beginning of October, asking me if I was available to create some memories for her and Joey.

And I said yes. Let's meet and talk. I need to know the people first. I need to understand who they are so that I can craft real memories, not just pretty photos.

It was a beautiful Sunday when we met again and created the images together, in the Old City area. At first they were shy. But soon they opened up. I can tell you that I had a great afternoon with them, talking about life, jobs, people, politics, education. Joey asked: how many kids would you advise? I still don't know the right answer. Two works for me :)

The following images are a quick sample of what they will receive. Of course, almost all square.

The main idea was to capture some glimpses of Bucharest in the images. Talking to Heidi about this, she acknowledged that they will be the prominent subjects, not the city. Some context is enough to show the place. Otherwise, there are really good brochures with city landscapes and description.

The Old City is usually crowded. We walked some smaller streets, but the contrast between the couple and people around can look attractive.

Nice backgrounds make nice images. Great couples make every image come alive.

An old door is nothing without interaction, without spirit.

We even stopped for a beer and coffee.

In the end, we thought about some natural and romantic portraiture in good light. Not too elaborated but in line with the clothing and background.

I hope they will love the images as much as I do. There are many more, but I selected those who speak to me the most. What do you think?