What about engagement rings?

We aspire to the ultimate beauty! That's why we are looking at the wedding dresses trends, engagement rings or exotic getaway honeymoon vacations.

And, let's face it, ladies! We love to be surrounded by beautiful things and to be inspired from them! Today's post is all about engagement rings: platinum, white and & yellow gold and... diamonds, of course! :)

The next ring is unique, crafted in platinum and has 25 diamonds.

This black titanium engagement ring features a squared shape. Very trendy, contemporary and crisp design.

Inspired by nature and trees' roots, this ring is delicate and fluid.

Lush and imperial engagement ring, carved in yellow gold and full of white precious "stones".

I chose this next ring mainly because the inside name is mine, Sylvie. :) The diamonds are like a fine embroidery and I like it a lot.

A strong colour contrast and you have the perfect ring, right?

The last one for today is a classic one diamond ring that we saw in the movies. Classy and elegant, this engagement ring makes the perfect proposal to shine.

I received my engagement ring in 2002, with one month before Christmas, when Daniel asked me to marry him. The memory is still incredible vivid because after all these years I can remember all the moments from that day. :)

I wish you the same!