Wedding as a second shooter

There are times when a wedding photographer needs to work without any client pressure. That's the time to go second-shooting. Edy, a good friend of mine and wedding photographer from Buzau (Romania) talked some two days ago about his desire to change things in his way of seeing through the viewfinder. And I asked him if he is free or not this weekend. He was hired by this wonderful couple, Ionut and Mirela and I said: can I come?

Here I am now, in Buzau, at this lovely venue, looking at couples dancing. I edited some of the images I've shot and I hope you will find them as interesting as I do. This wedding was part traditional and part modern, but everything was done in a natural and funny way.

No more words, let's picture! Keep in mind that this is a quick selection, during the wedding party. No time to fuss about which image is better. Just picked some images that seemed fit, go black/white or color, crop square or leave it be.

Edy shooting the wedding rings :)

Neighbors watching the groom leaving his parents' home.

Kids were everywhere, watching with their big eyes everything around them.

Although Mirela seemed tough enough not the shed a tear, family gathering before leaving to the ceremony was too much. It may not be her best-looking attitude, but I am positive that, over the years, girls put much more value on real emotions than on smiling faces for the sake of the photographer.

The guy playing the accordion was funny and entertaining, as he was supposed to. But the butterfly on the wall made my day :)

Its customary in Romanian's wedding (country-side) to dance hora on the street. It's a Romanian traditional dance, everybody holding hands, with a rhythmic and collective movement that brings people together as a group. The obvious image wasn't too appealing due to cars parked everywhere. But this suggestive picture is more powerful than the 'correct' one.

The photo-session didn't take too long, but we managed to 'steal' some wonderful natural poses. Did we? Tell me!

This is my personal favourite. The big face in the shop window is staring right at me (or the bride). The difference in attitude is striking and made me dance a gig on the spot.

I've always hated the group shots with everybody looking towards the camera, big fake smiles and ugly soldier-like position. Telling people to get together close will almost always make them feel awkward but they will at least express themselves naturally.

The civil ceremony was funny and not formal as usually. They laughed and made jokes all the time. Well, almost all the time :) This look makes me wonder :)

What a story this next image is: everybody is doing something else!

When leaving the civil ceremony, some guys were working. Go figure! On Saturday :) I think the nearest airport is some 120 km away.

This amazing old man was arranging things on a table inside the church. I couldn't resist.

Stepping back will always present opportunities like this one.

This last image is about having fun at your own wedding. Mirela and her god-mother jumping on the bed in their hotel room is everything a photographer desires of his couples :) I'm being serious about it.

In the meantime, party is going strong, happy faces are all over you look. And if you consider that Romanian wedding parties last as long as 8 hours...