The best wedding gowns

Hello, ladies! :)

The Fall 2016 Bridal Fashion Week held in New York is the reason for this post. In the end, I'm sure that you'll be amazed about my guest story.

I was a beautiful and stunning bride in 2003 :) but almost 13 years later I am simply speechless about designers' ideas for a wedding dress. Although a designer dress can be pricey, I'm sure that you can find inspiration in the trends for next year.

The photos were taken by Kurt Wilberding & Maria Valentino.

Let's start our journey through the most incredible and beautiful wedding dresses!

Below you can admire some airy wedding dresses made from organza and tulle. The simplicity of these gowns is the best design for a romantic and delicate bride.

The off-shoulder dresses have classic design and princess look. The pearls and embroideries are making these bridal dresses perfect for sweet angelic women.

Daring bridal dresses covered in floral details. Although at a first glance these dresses have luscious designs, the pattern of the textures can be made much simple.

I must admit, I love detachable skirts! I wished that my wedding dress had that! A precious yet simple wedding gown until the reception starts, a modern and free woman all night long.

More like an ordinary dress, these vintage look-a-like dresses with fluttery sleeves are the perfect solution for a woman in good shape. The materials chosen are lace and chiffon.

From very simple and white chiffon dresses to complex and out of the ordinary wedding gowns. Opulent look covered in golden accessories (middle), floral aerial design (left) and very daring blue & gray transparent wedding dress (right).

Spanish designers from Pronovias took the bridal dress to another level, a more dramatic one. If you're not very traditional and don't like the veil and crown accessories, then this very modern cape attached to the most simple and elegant dress in the world is the perfect choice for you.

Once again, from a simple dress to a complex and rich one, with lace on top and waves of tulle.

I'm sure you love at least two or three of the above dresses, right? :) Then you can check out Mihaela's gown, an amazing wedding dress with lace and long skirt. Below you can see a photo from the religious ceremony. The photo is created by Daniel. You can discover here here the whole story and many more images.

This recent wedding, that Daniel and I attended, took place in the far north of Romania, close to the Ukrainian border. Mihaela & Mihai are living in Croatia, but they wanted a traditional wedding ceremony and a discrete reception. So they chose Sucevița, a small Romanian village, well-known for the monastery with the same name.

I am simply in love with their wedding and her choice for the wedding dress! :)