Alexandru is the name

Today is a beautiful day. Alexandru is a little boy who's parents married several years ago. And guess who photographed their wedding... And I got the chance to meet (at the reception) a wonderful couple, who got married 8-9 years ago, me being their wedding photographer. Ah... what a great day.

I don't want to bother you with more words. But I would like to bother you with moments. And these moments tell a story. Alexandru's story, seen through my eyes. Enjoy!
(keep in mind that I'm still taking photos of the day. It's 8PM and party is not going to end anytime soon.)

P.S. If you want to see their baptizing invitation, scroll to the end of this post.

Grandfather getting emotional when holding his grandson.

Fathers know how to prepare a good cup of milk for their boys :)

Some stray dog watching the group (and me) while waiting for the ceremony.

The priest is amazing: he undressed and dressed the little one, being serious but in the same time very humane and caring.

Mother is on the edge of bursting to tears, as Alexandru kept crying and crying.

Kids and their own world :)

Everyone is trying to entertain Alexandru. But he was really uppset.

Ceremony is over. These people are great: friendly and relaxed. Restaurant Casa Doina (Bucharest) waited us with this great looking and tasty candy bar.

And, for the last image, one little girl trying to tie her balloon while holding a toy. You have to admire her skills :)

As always, I hope my way of seeing the world can drive you to love this story and its actors as much as I do.