Wedding photos with Iulia and Mihai

I'm dancing on my chair right now (sitting) while looking at their wedding and editing this post. I'm trying to keep up with this habit of posting photos during the actual wedding.

As friends know, I have a love/hate relation with Facebook and I resist the temptation to shoot for others to see during the wedding. Instead, I prefer to take my time and post late at night. This way I get to choose my wording carefully. After all, I'm talking about someone's wedding, somebody who trusted me with their memories. And I just don't want to hurry and post something that I could regret afterwards.

This wonderful couple, Iulia and Mihai, hired me some time ago. I've shot their engagement session several months now. And I was a bit afraid things wouldn't go the way I like it: with friendliness, sincerity and playfulness. All because Iulia is a bit more shy with new 'relations'.

But today I felt like right at home with them. They trusted me with everything and I felt like their friend (once again) and not necessarily like someone hired at their wedding.

Enough words, let's image... Enjoy the following photos and try to read between the lines: who they are, their fears and emotions, family and friends. If you succeed, then I've done my job.

Getting ready can be fun. Even if we where just about to miss the ceremony alltogether.

Ceremony was all heart. People that know each other well and show their feelings.

And some guy who happened to pass by.

We went along to take some pictures of the couple. We had a lot of fun. And a couple of some wonderful Mithos beer (Greeks do know how to make beer).

The party is taking place on the shores of a beautiful lake near Bucharest. We got to create some memories here. Sun was setting...

This is their wedding story. Just some nice moments that I hope tell them (and you) the truth about them: wonderful couple.

Thank you. A share would mean a lot.