I could write a book about wedding photography

I am always against long posts, as one can get bored really quick reading. But I resisted temptation to split this into several parts so that you could taste the whole story.

This wedding was surprising in many ways: main actors, location (Madrid), emotions and attitude. It was a good wedding for me to photograph. Relaxed people, not fancy (read formal / rigid and fake), bride (Laura) and groom (Robert) that worked with me and trusted me to create something that suited them and looked fabulous.

This wedding also provided the opportunity to meet and take photos of another gorgeous couple, this time father and daughter. More about that here (Romanian language).

I could, indeed, write a book about good wedding photography using just the images from this wedding. Starting from the beginning: preparations. Or getting ready as they say. Videographers (great people and good professionals) were trying to stage some bits and pieces to look right on film. I was thrilled as I got the time to look for unexpected and everyone was looking for video cameras not me. So, I got these beauties...

1. Preparations

I struggle to be as far as possible from the obvious frame, involving shadows and reflections, expressions and flashing moments to create images that stand apart and represent the best of what happened, without forgetting who are the people I take photos of.

As you look at these images, notice there are rare or even no moments when people are looking at the camera. Of course, Laura and Robert received many-many more images like these, some with more meaning for them than for you. But almost all are not camera aware, so to speak. This is how I like to shoot: being part of the story and yet unobtrusive.

2. Wedding Photo Session

Session was supposed to take place in a park in Madrid (actually a gorgeous place). But I ran away of beautiful places because I want the most attractive element in the images to be the couple, not the scenery. From time to time, I take a picture of nice places with people (couple) in it. But it's not my thing.

First, some images from the hotel parking space :)

Notice that even if I used some Spanish flare, it's all about the couple and the fact they are together.

3. Ceremony

It took place in a small, but very warm orthodox church. The priest was kind and spoke really nice. Everybody had watery eyes. All but these three young ladies (read children), kind of bored and amused at the same time.

4. Wedding Party

Party was anything, but conventional. Great food and music, funny guests and happy family. Every ingredient to make the wedding a wonderful memory for Laura and Robert. Even the restaurant owner said he never saw such a nice wedding party.

I hope you find this story attractive and you took the time to get to know Laura, Robert and their wedding day. This is my way of creating wedding photography and I'll do it every chance I get. Better and better, of course...