funny, crazy, beautiful wedding

There are times when weddings feel like parties. You may be surprised to know that the newlyweds rarely enjoy their wedding (at least in the Eastern part of Europe). They get so involved in solving various 'issues' that they forget to party.

But not this couple. Not at all.

Let's start with the 'before the wedding' or 'engagement' photo session. They wanted a ride. Nice try guys :)

before the wedding - riding horses
groom being proud and scary on a horse
newlyweds debating if they should keep the left leg on the same level as the right leg
warm feelings during the engagement photo session

Civil ceremony was next. Nothing too formal, a lot of friends, family, hugs and kisses.

Photography is common goods now, isn't it?

She's happy. He is too. Or not? (just joking, they were adorable).

Wedding day starts with some getting ready photos.

You have to have a quick wedding photo session, don't you? It is always fun with me. Specially if you meet some real clowns down the road and some Asian turists with lots of cameras.

Now straight to the Church, priests are not among the happiest people when you're late at your own wedding.

When the party starts, it better starts the right way. The guys from video created some small video adventure starring the two weds. It was quite amazing and brought the whole party together (emotionally speaking).

They 'stole' the bride. Boy, it was quite a party going on outside the wedding party.

The guy on the left is me. I was saying: you're next :)

After the wedding we went to the Black Sea Shore for some more beautiful images. At 5 in the morning. Not quite the best sunrise but it was fun.

Quite a long blog post but I just couldn't stop, I love these two guys so much. They had a wonderful wedding and I was lucky to be invited.