Ana and Bogdan - TreeHouse Garden

One might think we've got lucky this year. Lots of beautiful laughs, happy people all over. But this is how people should live their wedding day: like a partyyyyyy!

Ana is a happy person. So energetic that you cannot stop smiling when she's around. You should watch for Bogdan looking at her. He's well aware of his luck :) Two guys in love, a beautiful party, hugs and smiles all around. What else can you ask for?

This is my first wedding at Tree House Garden. Beautiful place outside Bucharest, splendid service and a true green oasis for the couples who search cozy instead of concrete, nature instead of searching for a parking place for hours.

Thank you guys for trusting me and thank you Vlad for this opportunity. A new wedding with Olympus PEN F. Exclusively! This little camera is making us happy over and over!

Let's see some images, shall we?

tree house garden - wedding ballroom tree house garden - table arrangement tree house garden - flowers, decorations tree house garden - small panels with poetry tree house garden - greenery all around tree house garden - photo corner tree house garden - table placement tree house garden - o poveste de iubire As soon as Ana arrives, good mood installs. Everywhere
bride getting out of the car bride laughing and welcoming guests two ladies well dressed at the bar ladies in the garden grandfather kissing the bride bride getting ready groom waiting for the bride bride coming down to the aisle, laughing father giving his daughter to be marrried bride and groom at the ceremony, gesture bride laughing during the ceremony wedding bouquets bride laughing during the ceremony, rings and priest wedding ceremony from behind the scene groom shoting the ring to the bride legs, sneakers and poetry bride and mother-in-law smiling bride, groom and crowns bride laughing with crown and priest bride laughing even harder with crown and priest guest taking pictures ceremony, dancing bride smiling with crown groom hugging the bride groom looking at his ring bride and groom, she is laughing hard

After this wonderful ceremony, it's hard not to expect a party at the same excitement level. Wait and see...

bride nice gesture party location and guests

Hugging dad is probably the dearest memory ever!

bride and her daddy in one happy and dear moment girl running with doll, bride in the background tree house garden - panoramic view of the place guest grumpy waiting for something father-in-law funny laughing bride making a joke near father-in-law groom looking at his pictures Kids are kids. They have their own party, right?
kids jumping around blurry image of kids playing kids at the bar, deciding what to drink next

Ana and Bogdan thought of starting-off the party. And they did, plentiful!

bride and groom running to start their dance groom funny face during their first dance bride and groom dancing for the first time bride and groom happy on the dance floor bride and groom fancy dancing bride looking funny during the dance party going strong people dancing people dancing bride and groom funny expressions

Moments like this define our love for wedding photography. Actually, our love for people that know how to feel good during their wedding.

bride and groom hugging bride and groom dancing bride and groom hugging bride and groom dancing

Ana dancing with her father. Priceless!

bride dancing with her father groom dancing with a little girl people talking in the garden, one lady laughing hard little girl feeling lost

How can you not love this little laughing face! Ana made everyone happy!

little baby laughing people feeling good in the garden kids playing during the party bride funny face and groom gestures bride with friends - group shot lots of pictures and kids showing to them Photo session? Who needs it?
photosession bride dancing like crazy bride and groom in a wonderful hug groom kissing the bride bride and groom in a pose, little baby carried by his mother And let the party continue, yeah?
mother-in-law dancing, light rim nice light bulb and garden in the background bride giving out the shoes and dancing bride and friends dancing people smoking outside, ghost effect light effects and bride silhuette lady in red dancing beautiful little girl dancing among adults groom dancing and making faces father-in-law with two girls

Quiet moment during the party. We feel blessed to capture moments like this.

bride and groom dancing emotionally party going strong mega funny face on the dance floor bride and groom dancing silly bride and groom dancing silly funny hug on the dance floor

Cake is coming! Look at Ana's face! It must be a tasty cake! It was...

cake is coming, bride is happy cutting the wedding cake tasting the wedding cake funny dance bride and girl walking away You thought the wedding was ending? Think again!
bride and girl singing girls singing group selfie And one more shot and we're done!

I don't know if you don't tell me! So comment bellow and tell me if you felt this was a well written story. That's our only intention. Not to flatter, nor to embellish. True story, like it unveiled in front of us as humans.