Mădălina + Lucian. A wedding story told backwards

You've met these two always smiling, friendly and loving people. We have written their engagement story not so long ago.

This time we're going to share their wedding story. And we are going to tell it backwards. Because it's fun :)
The last image is right before leaving Amsterdam for our flight to Bucharest. We were already late but we had no memory of Lucian's bike. So a quick shot to remember.
bride and groom Amsterdam bike Before that, we went to Hague beach for a session. It was windy as hell, late October freezing our bones. But Mădălina endured everything with a smile. We couldn't believe it when looking through the viewfinder <3
De Pier Hague beach wedding photography wedding couple on the beach Hague De Pier wind blowing Hague De Pier wedding photo We are deeply in love with such natural, minimalist looking images. We believe that these are memories! In fact, we didn't suggest any posing or expressions at all. Minimal equipment was used. It was like going with friends for a walk.
sand beach Hague wedding couple Our friend Ștefan Mirea used a drone to create his videography. Loved the silhouettes.
drone videography Stefan Mirea Hague De Pier Sun was coming and going. This was about the only time we saw the light :)
coloured piers Hague De Pier bride photo We took a short brake and sheltered from the wind.
Daniel Chindea and Stefan Mirea windy Hague wonderful Hague beach De Pier This image is so esoteric and it conveys peace and tranquility. It wasn't at all like this, cold wind was blowing and Mădălina was trembling like a leaf.
playing with the bride's veil in the wind Driving to Hague we encouraged ourselves that weather will be just fine for a photoshoot :) In fact, it was raining just a tad....
light rain driving to Hague Getting ready to leave for Hague. A black cat watched our preparations, probably saying: are you crazy, it's freezing outside!
Final preparations for leaving to Hague black cat watching in Amsterdam suburbs beautiful wedding dress before the shoot The first day in Amsterdam for our shoot with the two. It was kind of cold (4-6 degrees) and we worried about Mădălina catching a cold. Not to mention that our hands froze on cameras.
But images kept coming. No posing, no directions, just life. Their relationship on the Netherlands' background.
windmills near Amsterdam bride and groom small village near Amsterdam cacaolab near Amsterdam with the couple groom near an old building ducks everywhere in Holland goats on a walk in the thick grass couple and old village in Amsterdam suburbs bird on a pier Amsterdam wonderful scenery near Amsterdam with wedding couple wedding couple through trees laughing Laughs everywhere! Probably to fight the cold :)
couple in love bride and groom hugging small bridge, bride and groom pose smoke and old building near Amsterdam gorgeous bride on a bridge near Amsterdam Netherlands happy couple in a small village near Amsterdam cats everywhere in Amsterdam boats near a small village in Amsterdam final arrangements before the wedding photo session Let's take a short brake before showing you the wedding photos. Lucian and Mădălina wanted to go to Bulgaria for the session above. And we told them: really? You live in Amsterdam and want Bulgaria as a scenery? First of all, images should have relevant context. Second, Amsterdam beats everything in terms of variety and interesting things. We could shoot for a week there and never repeat anything.
Now, wedding photos in reverse :)
The ring boy :)
ring boy wedding day church ceremony Lucian is waiting for Mădălina. First look dressed as bride and groom!
first look as bride and groom Joy of being with friends and family on this special day!
bride getting dressed Slightly concerned Lucian :)
groom getting ready Seing the wedding dress is a treat!
seing the wedding dress unpacking the wedding dress Mădălina and her grandmother! Emotions are starting to kick in.
Snacks before leaving the civil ceremony.
Lucian is eager to see Mădălina's first signature as his wife!
Did she just say 'yes'?
Mădălina and her thoughts during hair-styling.
'Do not disturb' it says! I'm working :)
And, finaly, two images from their engagement session!

We know you will read this story! Because it's true! Nothing fake, no pretending! Everything just happened and it was captured on camera. Do you want the same? Give us a call :)

P.S. Mădălina and Lucian: I love you! True friends, wonderful inside and outside, respectful and searching for real things in life. That's what I feel about you and I wish you all the kindness in the world!