some squares, some color. but not too much.

This wedding was something else. To be honest, all weddings have some distinctive features, even if cultural experience brings some sort of monotony to the events. It's always the people who make the atmosphere, not the location, not the money.

I was saying that this wedding was quite different: I didn't meet the bride and groom prior to the day. I was second-shooting for my friend Jimmy. I was prepared to have fun and experiment. And I did.

Preparations took place in a small apartment in the little town I was born. Everyone was invited so it was just a little crowded :) But this environment allows the curious photographer to search for opportunities, to invent things that cover what needs to be covered, to constantly hunt the good light.
Bride searching for something the couple and some relative looking at their interaction Father and his brother trying to wrap up some gifts - customary in Romanian weddings
fathers trying to wrap some gifts bride getting the dress relatives hugging and telling stories Mother and godmother making some final touches to the veil
veil final touches Mother being proud of her son.
mother proud of her son getting married mother proud of her son getting married Bride getting ready
bride getting ready looking emotional Bride and godmother bride asking for some things Traditions ask for some 'demonstrative' final touches. The two 'spiritual parents' are supposed to adjust hairstyling, make-up and jewellery before leaving to the ceremony.
final touches before couple is leaving for ceremony final touches before couple is leaving for ceremony final touches before couple is leaving for ceremony final touches before couple is leaving for ceremony Upon leaving the house, bride and groom are greeted with a glass of wine. She is throwing the glass behind - luck is summoned.
groom looking for help bride throwing a glass of wine The ceremony took place in a small rural orthodox church. Everyone was relaxed, nothing formal. The priests knew the two families quite well .
bride arriving to church bridal party going to ceremony couple during ceremony bride looking to her husband orthodox ceremony orthodox ceremony parents looking to their children Some church assistant looking a little bored.
church assistant looking bored orthodox church freshly painted friends of the couple young boy during the ceremony It is something usual for the bride and groom to kiss the hand of their godparents.
groom kissing hand of godfather bride kissing hand of godfather After the ceremony, guests were invited to have sweets and cold water. Apparently the sweets were good.
sweets offered after ceremony couple getting emotional The party took place in a small venue, in the mountains. It's called Durau and it is located in one of the most beautiful area of the country.
couple's first dance couple's first dance people dancing Hora: romanian popular dance at weddings She was the most energetic person invited. She is bride's aunt and she is an amazing cook. I couldn't have enough of the cookies she made for the wedding.
bride's aunt dancing family looking to the dancers bridal party bride and groom hugging Some guest just took my hat and danced with it.
thesquare hat guests having fun looking to the bride wedding party Remember the auntie? She's really having fun.
bride's aunt having fun bride's aunt having fun bride's aunt having fun wedding party wedding party wedding party Wedding cake was good. Everyone wants a piece of it.
wedding cake Party going on strong.
wedding party